Moles out-of Gasoline and you can Regularity: Avogadro’s Legislation

How many moles of gaseous boron trifluoride, BF3, are contained in a cuatro.3410-L bulb at 788.0 K if the pressure is 1.dos20 atm? How many grams of BF3?

Iodine, I2, is a solid at room temperature but sublimes (converts from a solid into a gas) when warmed. What is the temperature in a 73.3-mL bulb that contains 0.292 g of I2 vapor at a pressure of 0.462 atm?

A premier height balloon is stuffed with step 1.41 10 4 L out of hydrogen at a temperature off 21 °C and you may a stress out of 745 torr. What’s the level of the latest balloon at a peak off 20 kilometres, the spot where the temperature is –48 °C plus the pressure is 63.step 1 torr?

A cylinder of medical oxygen has a volume of 35.4 L, and contains O2 at a pressure of 151 atm and a temperature of 25 °C. What volume of O2 does this correspond to at normal body conditions, that is, 1 atm and 37 °C?

A large scuba container ((Figure)) which have a number of 18 L is actually ranked getting a pressure away from 220 bar. The new tank was filled in the 20 °C and has adequate heavens available 1860 L out of heavens so you’re able to a scuba diver from the a force out-of dos.37 atm (a range from forty-five foot). Is actually the tank filled to capabilities during the 20 °C?

A 20.0-L cylinder containing kg of butane, C4H10, was opened to the atmosphere. Calculate the mass of the gas remaining in the cylinder if it were opened and the gas escaped until the pressure in the cylinder was equal to the atmospheric pressure, 0.983 atm, and a temperature of 27 °C.

While resting, the average 70-kg human male consumes 14 L of pure O2 per hour at 25 °C and 100 kPa. How many moles of O2 are consumed by a 70 kg man while resting for 1.0 h?

A liter of methane gas, CH4, at STP contains more atoms of hydrogen than does a liter of pure hydrogen gas, H2, at STP. Using Avogadro’s law as a starting point, explain why.

The effect of chlorofluorocarbons (such as CCl2F2) on the depletion of the ozone layer is well known. The use of substitutes, such as CH3CH2F(g), for the chlorofluorocarbons, has largely corrected the problem. Calculate the volume occupied by 10.0 g of each of these compounds at STP:

Due to the fact 1 g of one’s fabswingers radioactive element radium decays over step one season, they provides 1.sixteen ten 18 alpha dust (helium nuclei). For every single alpha particle gets an atom of helium gas. What is the pressure during the pascal of your helium energy introduced in the event it takes up an amount of 125 mL at a temperature regarding twenty-five °C?

An excellent balloon which have a quantity of L at 21 °C and you will 0.981 atm is released and only barely clears the top Mount Crumpet during the Uk Columbia. In case the final quantity of the balloon try L in the an excellent temperature of five.twenty-four °C, what’s the tension experienced of the balloon since it clears Attach Crumpet?

If the heat regarding a predetermined level of a fuel are doubled on constant volume, what the results are on the tension?

If your volume of a fixed number of a fuel try tripled at the constant temperature, what the results are into the pressure?


Services (a) The newest can also be contains an amount of isobutane gas at a steady frequency, so if heat are improved by temperatures, the pressure increase proportionately. High heat can result in high-pressure, causing the normally to-burst. (Plus, isobutane is actually combustible, so incineration could cause the fresh new can to burst.)

Look at your Understanding What is the volume of a sample of ethane at 467 K and you can step one.1 atm if it takes up 405 mL within 298 K and you may 1.step one automatic teller machine?

Check your Studying Determine the pressure in the club regarding 2520 moles regarding hydrogen fuel held from the twenty seven °C throughout the 180-L shops tank regarding a modern-day hydrogen-powered auto.

Fundamental Standards away from Heat and you may Tension

The amount regarding an auto heavens handbag was 66.8 L when inflated within 25 °C that have 77.8 g away from nitrogen gas. The thing that was pressure on bag from inside the kPa?