Negan will not register Daryl within his propose to lead the fresh new horde out despite more contact with some body

Negan warrants their alternatives as being because he could be to your the upper eliminate Click This Link record for each and every Whisperer, specifically Beta and then he is the past person they want that have her or him as it dangers attracting continuously notice. Daryl phone calls Negan’s need bullshit, stating “if you need to be a part of which, your gotta put your ass at stake, same as people.” Angry, Daryl treks aside.

Afterwards, as the Whisperers beginning to enter the hospital and you can Gabriel organizes the newest evacuation, Negan tips Lydia. Negan shows that both remember that the difficulty tend to prevent poorly, however, Lydia claims which they do not know that. Negan feels that long lasting they do, none the guy or Lydia will ever feel respected as well as their visibility would not alter things and you may Lydia can easily build the woman eliminate. Lydia points out you to Negan perform exactly the same thing and you will the guy reminds Lydia you to definitely because she told you, he is zero character. Lydia shows that Negan would-be when the he wanted to. “Well, I guess that’s what I’m creating now,” states Negan, providing Lydia that have Alpha’s walker cover up prior to his way down a lift shaft.

That night, Beta sees Lydia starting to drive the new Whisperers’ horde aside and you may goes shortly after their merely to exposed to Negan in his walker cover up. Enraged, Beta charge Negan and shoves a walker for the previous Saving grace commander, slamming him towards soil. Negan kills new walker, it is criticized back again to the floor because of the Beta which brings up his knife so you can kill Negan inside payback to have Alpha’s dying. Which have Beta distracted from the Negan, Daryl works up and slashes your ahead of stabbing Beta as a result of both vision. Removing their blades, Daryl helps Negan so you’re able to his base and several people observe because Beta are devoured by his or her own horde. In the act, Beta’s hide is actually tricked, eventually revealing their face. “Holy shit. Do you know exactly who you to arsehole is actually?” asks a shocked Negan. “Yeah. Nobody,” reacts Daryl and then he leads Negan aside.

Next morning, Carol and you may Lydia come back to this new survivors’ camp in order to declaration its success during the damaging the newest herd. Searching for Negan between the class, Lydia requires in the event the they are adhering to them and then he says that he could be “for now” through to the one or two display a hug.

“Family Sweet Home”

Negan is visible helping the most other survivors eliminate the cart aside once the a free guy. Suddenly, the guy runs into Maggie, and you will awkwardly greets her, however, assures the woman which he did not avoid. Immediately after looking at him having some time, Maggie treks out in the place of claiming a word. After, Negan is shown in which the guy observe Maggie and you may Hershel enter into Alexandria away from a distance.

“Listed here is Negan”

Negan later accompanies Carol search and you may thank you her for getting your out of Alexandria to possess some time because of just how tense things currently was with Maggie. Regardless of if he doesn’t attention being “lay lower Negan” to have a bit, Negan asks if the Carol can help your simple one thing over that have Maggie, saying that given his and you can Carol’s present background, Negan feels one she no less than owes your this much. Carol guides Negan to Leah’s Cabin in which the guy finds out his house in to the. Carol demonstrates to you you to Daryl helped the lady to move Negan when you look at the and you will that the council have voted to help you cure your and that what Negan wishes isn’t going to occurs which it is not you can easily. Carol feels you to definitely offered their smaller previous background, its better than Negan is worth. In the event troubled, Negan welcomes so it and you can requires in the event the he was very banished from the the fresh new council or if perhaps Carol acted on her very own once again. With a grin, Carol tells Negan that the rabbit it trapped is for your and you may actually leaves in place of responding Negan’s matter.