What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back?

So, how would this theory apply in this instance? It’s quite simple really. If you really want to know how serious a relationship is going to be just take a look at the amount of time that has elapsed when the couple has been “official.” I would say anything above 7 months can be considered something more serious. Of course, that means that a 2 month relationships may not be considered “serious.”

You find yourself in a very awkward position though. You see, you are trying to get an ex boyfriend back who probably just got into a relationship with a new girlfriend. Thus, the “action” of time elapsing hasn’t really had a chance to play out in your case.

After the breakup I go on the “rebound” and start dating another girl

Right now your ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend probably haven’t had enough time to figure out if their relationship is going to be considered “serious.” Unfortunately, you are in a bad position because there isn’t a lot you can do right now. So, what I want you to do is keep an eye on their relationship. The more time that elapses the higher the chances are that their relationship could become serious.

This invariably means that the longer they date the worse your chances are of getting your ex boyfriend back. I know that is probably not what you want to hear right now but I am not in the business of telling you what you want to hear. Instead, I prefer to tell you what you need to hear.

Lets say that he ends up dating this new girl for a total of 2 months. After the 2 months elapse a breakup occurs. Chances are high that the new girl was considered to be a “rebound.”

Well, I am a guy and I can tell you that every girl I date I always compare to the previous girl I have dated. Why do men (not just me) as a whole do this? Well, it is all about quality. Men always want to have the most “quality” girl.

So, lets say that I date a girl who I consider to be “quality.” Unfortunately the two of us break up… :(. It is only natural that I will compare the “rebound” to my old girlfriend. Now, lets say that the rebound doesn’t even compare to the standard that the old girlfriend set. Chances are very high that I won’t date the rebound for very long.

Another Speech On Logical Thinking

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The truth is that I am not so good at this. I am just like you. I don’t consider myself to be a relationship expert (though everyone seems to give me that title) and I don’t even think what I talk about is that “revolutionary.” However, I would say that I have one very rare quality in humans. I have the ability to let my logic trump my emotions.

It’s so true. However, the reason I trotted it out in this guide is because YOU are in a situation where your emotions are probably going to trump your logic a lot. I want you to know ahead of time that it is ok. It is human nature and everyone is going to make impulsive decisions based on emotions at times.

The trick to giving yourself the best chance to get your ex boyfriend back is to have a very logical mindset.