How To Increase Your Dick Size Naturally (in Just 7 Days!)

A thought which crossed the minds of countless men through the proverbial ages, is what does my woman really prefer, length or girth?

When it comes to men in general, they believe the bigger is really better or is it? Ever take into consideration what women prefer? Do the majority of women really consider or think about either girth or length? They will indeed be surprised!

Well, the answer to this interesting question is, YES. However, any trustworthy sexologist will tell you that size isn’t really an issue. Fact is that any dick size can deliver enormous pleasure for its owner!

The average size of approximately 95% of dicks are 3 – 5 inches when flaccid, whist 5 – 7 inches when erect.

A very small percentage is substantially either smaller or larger. A survey conducted among women provided a consistent answer when they were asked what they need when it comes to a lover.

This was the interesting answer: caring, kindness, attractiveness, shared interests & values and a good sense of humour! Very few actually even mention their lover’s dick size!

However, the majority of men don’t feel the same. They are highly likely comparing their own dicks to those of porn stars and came to their own conclusion. Oh, mine is much smaller.

Something else that are convincing men that size is the principal factor to provide pleasure to women are some personal casual sex advertisements requiring men with massive dicks & lots of junk mail promising dick enlargement products.

Men tend to believe that only a huge dick can give his woman an intense orgasm classic dating services as a large dick will penetrate the vagina deeper, whilst stretching it more.

Practices To Avoid:

Avoid these types of products, not only are they expensive, all of them are fakes. There is no device, pill, exercise or even a magic potion that can enlarge your reproductive organ on a permanent basis!

The quantity of blood within the organ will determine the erect or flaccid size of your dick; less blood results in a smaller organ. The arteries are narrowed by the smoking habit, which include the arteries which carry your blood into the organ.

The full procedure, which includes enhancing the girth and lengthening can result in problems, whilst very expensive; approximately $15,000! With surgery the ligament it cut which makes your erection to stand up.

This surgery may add one inch, but affect erections. You will have to direct your dick manually into sensual openings, as it will just be hanging between your legs!

With enhancing your girth, fat is taken from your buttocks and then injected under the skin of your dick. Frequently it will lead to a deformed, lumpy-looking reproductive organ!

Practices To Embrace:

Consume less cheese and meat, whilst adding more fresh vegetables and fruits to your daily diet. A diet which is rich in animal fat will raise your cholesterol levels, which result in narrowing your arteries, which include those which transfer the blood into your dick.

Attempt to avoid cheese and meat once or twice a week, whilst consuming 5 – 8 fresh vegetables and fruit servings. These foods provide the antioxidants needed to keep your arteries open for sufficient blood flow.

Arterial health is improved by following a regular exercise routine. However, to exercise your male organ is meaningless. The yellow media refer to the dick as being the love muscle, which actually means that just like the triceps, specific exercises can intensify it! However, muscle tissue differs and the dick has smooth muscle, which can’t grow bigger with exercise.