Sex chat: Common misunderstandings medical practioners confront about avoiding pregnancy

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Intercourse is one of the most natural circumstances worldwide a€“ none of us would-be here without it. But there are lots of aspects of sex that need to be learned. Even now, 60 many years after the introduction of oral contraceptives, very nearly 50 % of pregnancies global become unintended. Preventing maternity takes preparing, and health professionals is capable of doing too much to let patients best know contraception.

As an educational doctor, I illustrate a yearly course on Indiana institution School of treatments also known as a€?Sexuality when it comes down to Clinician,a€? an essential topic usually not well-covered in medical institutes. Within my courses, healthcare people report misconceptions they experience among clients about different subject areas, including contraception.

Many of these wrong options were mentioned year after year, and fixing them provides a prime possible opportunity to boost sexual fitness. Here are four typical ideas about contraception that are incorrect, each representing a proper person’s story.

Flow strategy

The maternity test of a patient in her 20s came back positive. She protested to her physician that she cannot become expecting. The woman doctor questioned exactly what as a type of contraception she along with her spouse was in fact making use of. She answered they scrupulously eliminated intercourse during the lady a€?fertile time.a€? Upon additional questioning, the individual expose the girl knowing that maternity could merely take place for a passing fancy time each month.

Actually, assuming a lady keeps a 28-day menstrual cycle, you will find around six era during each cycle whenever intercourse may result in pregnancy. While a female’s egg holds their fertility for 24 hours after ovulation, the production of an egg from the ovary, sperm can remain practical during the female reproductive system for as much as 5 days.

This means that clients employing the alleged a€?rhythm system,a€? one of several least reliable kinds of contraception, want to avoid gender for around six times in each pattern.

The product

A teen using oral contraceptives turned pregnant. When their doctor asked exactly how she were taking their pills, she mentioned that when she skipped a pill, she would double up 24 hours later. Once she overlooked taking their tablets for five consecutive period. Therefore, regarding 6th time she grabbed six drugs.

One way to assist clients make use of pills correctly should describe the way it operates, such as exactly why they need to go on a regular basis. In this instance, giving the patient with a simple reason of how dental contraceptives work maybe beneficial.

While there are different sorts of a€?the pill,a€? more contraceptives efforts by stopping ovulation. The brain’s pituitary gland, the alleged a€?master glanda€? for the hormone program, detects steady highest amounts of the product’s ovarian human hormones inside the blood. Because of this, the hormonal that stimulates ovulation actually revealed. But a pill ought to be taken each day to keep levels adequately highest to prevent an egg from released.


A fresh mama with a four-month-old child conveyed their fear to their doctor that she is expecting once again. Exactly how could this end up being, she asked, mobile site since she were nursing her infant since delivery? The patient had been appropriate that breastfeeding can curb ovulation, but as long as breastfeeding is frequent adequate.

Because it proved, even though the client were nursing their infant since beginning, she had also been eating the infant formula, limiting nursing to two or three period each day. Furthermore, the lady menstrual cycle have started again the previous month.

Nursing is generally successful as a method of contraception in the first 6 months after birth. The hormones made by the caretaker’s system during nursing normally suppress the pituitary gland’s release of human hormones required to ovulate.

But the infant ought to be specifically breastfed and feed at the very least every four hours throughout the day and each six hours during the night. Otherwise, breastfeeding wont adequately control pituitary release, and pregnancy can happen.

Sexually transmitted disease

A teen found a sexual health clinic complaining of warning signs of irritation, rash or painful urination, which her doctor suspected is the consequence of a sexually transmitted infection.

When the girl medical practitioner expected the lady about contraception, she reported that she got a€?on the medicine.a€? Consequently, she mentioned, she would never have an STI.

Many patients erroneously believe that, as well as stopping maternity, contraceptives can prevent STIs. While oral as well as other forms of contraceptives, such as IUDs and hormonal implants, are often highly effective in avoiding maternity, they actually do nothing to decrease the threat of STIs.

The actual only real widely used type of contraception that dependably prevents STIs will be the condom. It creates a barrier within skin and fluids of gender partners. To stop disease, condoms need to be found in inclusion to other forms of contraception.

Sex and drug

Normally various samples of typical misconceptions that clients may harbor about contraception. Other people are the idea that pregnancy can happen only when the girl provides an orgasm, if sex happens in specific spots or if the girl refrains from various cleaning methods, such as douching or getting a shower. In reality, none of these circumstances most probably will alter the probability of maternity in a reliable means.

Misunderstandings about intercourse consist of just contraception but information such sexual impulse, erectile dysfunction and intimately transmitted infection. These misconceptions act as stark reminders many folks have not been well-educated about vital aspects of intimate fitness. Families, institutes and health professionals posses many strive to manage.