Flashback: ‘That ’70s Show’s Really Special Gay Episode Does Not Age Well

Eric events returning to the security of their cellar, where he lays a showy no-homo smooch on Donna right in front of all of the his buddies, then postures to provide exactly how manly and therefore super right he’s. The audience yowls and hoots with approval. Eric seems their masculinity had been called into concern because some body thought he had been homosexual, as well as that he rushes to overcompensate with uncharacteristic and totally hetero PDA, bro though its someone he likes and admires, it so panics him.

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Then we have to know how a gang responds to not the kiss, but to Buddys intimate orientation whenever Fez declares hes so obviously homosexual. Outraged, Jackie rejects it outright, providing no reason at all. Then Kelso concurs, describing, If Buddy had been gay hed be all over me. A lusty monolith unable to control their desire for dopey hunks because thats how gay guys act. The audience laughs at this remark to that 70s Shows credit. And I also suspect the laugh is supposed to become more about Kelsos vanity, much less about his insulting presumptions about gay men.

Later on, whilst the team components means, Hyde and Donna part Eric and inquire straight if Buddy is homosexual. They look excited by the idea, want its juicy gossip. And it isnt it hip if their small suburb features a homosexual kid!? They literally help closer in anticipation of their response, then virtually celebrate utilizing the sharing with this key. Theyre not accepting or supportive. Alternatively, Buddy and their not-public orientation are regarded like a success over here of these very own coolness because theyre in on a secret that is shocking. Hooray, no body would like to pummelled the kid that is gay. Yet this might be still a form that is crass of. Buddy is addressed in contrast to an individual, but like a merit badge that is groovy. But were not done yet, because next the pair mock Eric for getting struck in by a guy that is gay.

Eric, hes not likely to take action he knows youre straight, Donna says sagely on you if. (the viewers hoots.) Whenever Eric admits he does not again thinkitll happen, the 2 shout in amazed chorus, Again!? Eric shuffles off embarrassed, after which Hyde hits on Donna saying, If Foreman ever decides to dabble into the love that dare not talk its title, Im right right here for you personally. The audience really really really loves it, laughing and clapping and ignoring the uncomfortable message that its shameful become recognised incorrectly as homosexual.

Eric has to resolve this mark on their idea that is heteronormative of. Therefore, Buddys scene that is final Eric confronting him on why. Why him? Why did Buddy think he had been gay?! Told hes smart and sensitive and good searching, Eric refutes 1st two, declaring hes not as bright as he appears (duh), and therefore sometimes I’m able to be downright mean. I suspect the audience that is real instead of the raucous actors playing one regarding the shows sound recording) are supposed to see Erics eagerness to be noticed being a jerk over being regarded as homosexual as one thing absurd. The laughs in this scene are supposed to be on Eric and their gawky anxiety, maybe not on Buddy. But, imagine this from Buddys viewpoint for an instant.

Into the scene, Buddy plays down Erics distancing, chuckling, Youre so sweet. But that is a man you crushed on, hung out with, risked rejection by simply making a move on him, and risked exposing you to ultimately the tiny minds and gossip of the stupid small city. And hes straight. Okay, bummer. Nonetheless its maybe maybe not enough into you; he needs you to understand how deeply you got him wrong that hes not into and could never be. How hes nothing like you. Hes not whom you think he could be. Generally not very. Its played as Eric being insecure and embarrassing, however its cringe-worthy because it is Eric were urged to spot with, perhaps maybe not the kid that is gay treating like a contagion. The trade stops by having a embarrassing bro-punch to the supply, because straight guy. And Buddy isn’t permitted the normal and human being response of being disappointed or harmed. He’s got to function as the model minority, and just grin and keep it.

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