( for the person that is overweightHey baby, do you wish to place the love in these handles?”

Do u have boyfriend? Well, when u would like a MANfriend, provide me personally a call.

Hey child, will you be a tsunami? Result in can rock my watercraft all evening very long.

Wow i have to be good at darts because we hit a bullseye to you

Damn woman, your planning to result in the rocket during my jeans blast down!

Perhaps you have slid down a train, She states “no” could you love to slide down mine.

Woman, your therefore hot, i want range mitts!

Hi, I am Doug. Backwards, it really is god with a small amount of U|bit that is little of} covered around it.

We’re both specimans that are fine say we get make some more

Might you step away through the club? your making all of the ice melt

are you experiencing an extendo ladder? considering that the wall that is first place between us was to high for my regular ladder.

Hey Baby. My underwear is completly extended. Do you know what this means.

Drop a packet of sugar on to the floor next to the woman you might be once. Choose it and say “I’m sorry, but i believe you dropped your nametag!”

Wanna decide to try and Australian kiss? ( what’s that?) It really is such as a French kiss. only down under!

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Hey you free for lunch, because We have a chef that is private makes a mean break fast during intercourse. You notice where i want with this particular? (increases results if you do have a personal cook)

Have you been a drummer, because you appear to understand the beat of my heart.

Hey, your debt a glass or two. We dropped mine whenever you stepped last.

Will you be a boxer?? (No) Well how about you log on to your knees and present me personally two blows towards the mind?

Do you ever realize screw rhymes with me and you also?

Have you been an cause that is alien simply abducted my heart

I would purchase you but i might be jealous regarding the straw

Do you clean your clothing in windex? Cause i’m able to see myself in your jeans

Excuse me, do a quarter is had by you? (No,why?) Well cause we told my girlfriend I would phone her whenever I discovered somebody better

Lets play circus, first rest on my face i’ll imagine ur fat ‘ll consume the real difference

Do a cellphone is had by you in the back pocket(why?) Cause yo booty been callin me alllll dayyyy

put a packet of sugar and state. excuse me miss you dropped your nametag

Excuse me i believe you droped something (whenever she asks exactly what?) “My Jaw”

Since beauty is just epidermis deep, your system does not have any insides.

They do say oranges don’t fall far from the tree, in order that must suggest your mother’s hot too

Woman do you’ve Pomona CA escort service got cause you yes look hot !

we do believe I saw an image of you when, we saw it when you look at the dictionary, it absolutely was right next towards the word “KABLAAM”

Do you like punani .. because i’d like 2 eat amount!

Hey, i recently got my space soundproofed. Do you need to get test that away?

Are you a lightswitch? Why? Cause you probably change on

I love my coffee exactly like I prefer my ladies with (extra sugar, black colored, etc)

You want to play pool I’ll shoot my balls in your holes

Hey child, is the title Daisy? Becuase i have the urge to grow you below.

It may possibly be a needle, nonetheless it works such as for instance a sewing device

Are that you speeding solution? Cause you have fine written all over your

had been that the earthquake, or did i simply rock your globe?

shirt (those pants) angry of camel epidermis?(no, why?) cuz i noticed the humps

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Tickle your pussy with a feather? (Exactly What?) we stated, “Particularily good weather.”

Can there be a magnet in here cuz baby I’m interested in You.

We saw you against over the available room, fainted, and hit my mind. Thus I am going to require your number and name for reasons

Hey would you like to play Pearl Harbor. if yea. it really is where we sit as well as you blow the hell away from me

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